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Growth Service

Executing your exponential potential

Audacious makes you the acting part of exponentials

Growth Services for Leaders

Audacious offer our services to the ambitious leaders who endeavour  to harvest the opportunities of the new era with a bold and audacious goal.


A new mindset

"Get the ball rolling"

The first project

"Blue print the future"

Executing the potential

Our Services
A new mindset

Opening the Exponential Mindset is a process of seeing

- then adopting - a new paradigm.

Audacious offers a structured process for learning, unlearning and taking

 the first steps to act and execute on the growth potential.

The Key Note "Mr / Mrs Chairman - Please Stand Up !" offers a tailored introduction to the new era of business seen through the eyes of the Supervisory Board and the Executive Management Board. 

The Key Note sets the scene for a collective discussion in the board room  about the future.


Audacious offers facilitation of the follow up discussions on the topic in the board room to thoroughly anchor the new mindset.  


Audacious offers exponential readiness evaluation of the Supervisory Board and the Executive Management Team - evaluating the leadership team's collective capabilities in the field.


Get the ball rolling
Get the ball rolling
The first project

The first steps are the hardest...

Audacious gets your first project in the air.  

With offset in your value chain, Audacious steers you through the first project executing exponential thinking in your company.  

The objective is establishing the foundation for a new diverse way of thinking strategy and growth.

The delivery is the first pilot project - and the learning from the process.

First project


Often it takes an outsider to see the potential.

Audacious is that outsider!


We search for your exponential business ideas combining insights from:

  • Best practice use from other industries

  • An entrepreneurial mindset

  • Technological insight

  • Company interviews

  • Trend spotting

  • ....


The outcome is a prioritised list of attractive growth opportunities for your inspiration and motivation for action.


Top priority cases will include draft next-step plans.

Exponential ideas

Example first project deliveries:

  • Analysis of current products under threat for dematerialization

  • Catalogue of new revenue oppertunities

  • Pilot case for new revenue stream


Blueprint the future
Blueprint the future
Executing the potential

Realizing the true potential of Exponentials has
become the responsibility of the Supervisory Board.  

Audacious challenge and assist the Supervisory Board realising the growth potential.

Audacious helps the Supervisory Board executing their new responsibility for Radical Innovation.

Audacious offers its service as lead partner for the project steering the Supervisory Board through the process from target setting to execution. 


Audacious enables the Supervisory Board or Chair of subcommittee to take responsibility and execute on growth through radical innovation. 


The process comprise of Target, Blue Print and Execution.  



Adoption of new paradigms follows a 3 step pattern:

See it - Intellectual accepting it - Living it.  

Experience shows that leaders in the first two phases stick to growth targets that match the old world's business dynamics and measures.

Audacious challenge and assist leaders to get on "the curve" Living it and setting bold targets that match the potential of the new business era. 

The key differentiator for realising the potential is the creation of the Blue Print. 

With offset in a bold target - Audacious leads the customer through an array of selects leading to a "Blue Print" for achieving the growth.


A strictly structured process that delivers the foundation for execution and future success.

Blue Print


Building new revenue streams requires resources, dedicated focus and in-the-moment decisions.

Audacious' dedicated execution is structured around a dedicated X-team of fully dedicated resources and a steering commitee chaired by the Chairman or the chair of an empowered subcommittee. 

The X-team takes responsibility for structuring - and bring to life the new revenue entity as stipulated in the Blue Print.


The steering committee is closely involved to ensure that decisions are taken timely not to stall the continues development. 

In last phase the X-team is gradually phased out and a selected management team for the new revenue entity is phased in and taking over.

This ensures a swift and effective execution of Blue Print - realizing the growth potential.

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