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Key Notes

 Trend Interpretation - Get inspired - Get motivated

Through “Trend Interpretation”, Audacious shares thoughts and inspire on the changes and the impact that the technological development brings to the business world, the society and how we perceive life as individuals.

"Mr./Mrs. Chairman:
Please stand up"


Whilst “Change” and “Disruption” have made its way to most organisations - supervisory boards have mostly stayed the same…

Is there a new role for the supervisory board ?

Key Note Description:


The primary objective of the supervisory board remains to protect the company in the shareholders interest  – but the role is undergoing significant changes as we are entering new paradigms.


The fundamental rulebook for doing business is being changed which challenge our ability to stay adapt, unlearn - learn and act in new way. 


So… How does good look like ?

  • Why are our fundamental business theories changing  ?

  • Who is to take action ?

  • Where to start - where to play ?


In short – “what does good look like” for the future supervisory board ?



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The retail industry is in the eye of the latest disruption of industries.


What’s to expect and what to hang on to?

Key Note Description:

As a text book example of disruption, the conventional retail industry is in the eye of disruption as we speak.

Since the pioneer Michael Aldrich in 1979 designed the first form of ecommerce, various market analytics have cried “Wolf!” time and time again. Although growing exponentially, the timing of the predictions was not right. Met with disappointment, many led to disregard the continued growth of ecommerce and in turn the thread to the conventional retail industry.

However, in the early part of 2017 ecommerce reached the tipping point. It has gained not only volume – but just as importantly – the believe of the market. Whilst the closure of retail stores is accelerating and investors are turning their back at conventional retail afraid of being “Amazon’ed”.


So... the question is:

  • What to expect from consumers?

  • What trends to follow?

  • How to react?

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