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New Ventures & Finance

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Audacious bridge the gap from Idea to Action

New Ventures & Finance
Partnering for building new businesses

Strategy, Business design and Fundraising
Audacious engages as an early stage partner in new ventures  


Audacious engages as part of the inner team and as a long term stakeholder. Thus, we only engage where we share the chemistry of the founders and the trust in the growth potential. 

Our core competences are Strategy, Business design and Fundraising.

As an early stage partner Audacious engages and takes part from the first sketches and when it comes to fundraising from the initial considerations and Preparations through Pitch and Negotiations.

We provide our services to new- as well as established companies.


Example of Audacious' core deliveries through the process: 

Lets discuss how we can take your ideas forward

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